Pineapple Juice

What’s better than fresh-squeezed orange juice? Fresh-squeezed orange juice injected with a healthy dose of refreshing pineapple. Trust us on this one. Packed full of Vitamin C and other antioxidants.

Straw Apple Pineapple

A delicious blend of strawberry, apple and pineapple juices give you an instant burst of energy from micronutrients, Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

Watermelon Apple

The thirst quenching of the watermelon meets the smooth, light sweetness of the apple. Some things were just meant to be. Full of antioxidants and B Vitamins to keep you going.

Orange Cooler

We named it Cooler, hoping it’d live up to our lofty expectations. Take one sip of blended fresh-squeezed orange juice, bananas, apple juice and chia seeds, and you’ll know that it did.

Tropical Greens™

For a truly tropical flavor, we’ve combined apples, pineapples, super greens, and Chia seeds. This is one island that will never be deserted.